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One of my write-ups Is about aiming for a dream:

It is every man’s dream to reach his goal and soar high to success. Whether if it is for personal gain or not, each one of us is rooting for a satisfaction. It feels like sailing the waters to search on happiness in life. Everyday we have a chance to take the opportunity to achieve it. However, the best teacher always gives the hardest hit in our lives.

Not every dream can be a success. Sometimes it ends up in failure. A dream can also dim with the sunset in spite of the constant motivation, painful sacrifices and struggles to attain it. A steep climb in a mountain full of rocks and slopes wherein you can barely walk while you feel that the distance you push on seems so endless.

Filled with high spirits, you braved the mountains; stood under the storms of life, or even tried moving the ocean, but in the end is a toast of failure. A fresh attempt with the same faith results to another failure. With all of these, you still want to give it a try. Still, an outcome you have not hoped for but made you feel used to experiencing it.

A part of time will tell you that you should walk away from this dream. You feel like to consider that it is not destined in your life. It may be the best of your plans, but not the plans that the heaven has imprinted in your life. The choices that you decided to hold onto for the past years of life, started to rattle like a bird’s nest in an old dying oak tree. It just means that sometimes the lessons in your own life routes you to the trail where you should be going.

As the tears pile up above the clouds, there is a faithful heart where you believe that the heaven still hears your sorrowful cries, listen to your whispers especially when you’re alone, or see you when you look above the sky and shout on your sadness. Despite the failures, your mind moves forward to a different direction but your heart always gives you the feeling of not peeling away from your dream.

A dream in your heart pushes you to try it all over again. The time may not be today, tomorrow or the next day, or the next years to come. You always believed in achieving it. There will come a moment in your life that a brand new day can start another chance to attain it. The only thing that you always do is to try again.

There might be unhealed wounds in your mind and heart. Your tired feet can only stand again. Your shaking hands can only wipe your tears. Your mind plans on your next move. You walk again with your heartaches full of hope. Nevertheless, there will always be a labor of faith that runs in you while telling the heaven that you want this for so long. Until you walk again.