Last Episode: signing off


I started blogging when I was active on social forums. Some personally requested me to write a blog of my experiences. Also part of the decision was the little information about specific and actual experiences of newcomers in Canada – I was looking for direct answers to my questions. My story was to help you and to use my experience as your guide. You can do better.

Now, I am writing this blog to officially sign off. I will blog again if I have a chance to update some informative experiences that are beneficial to others.

Before that, here are some of my last tips:

1. Communication skill – almost all of the employers told me that this is the most crucial skill that they highly consider for newcomers. The key is to communicate effectively. My employer told me that one thing he loves about me is the way I easily adapt to many things including the way how they speak. Practice. Practice. Practice.
2. Continuous learning – if you want to climb the corporate ladder, never stop learning. Enrol in an educational or technical program to improve your skills. Be the best version of yourself in Canada – the best advice I got from my father.
3. Reach your full potential – let me explain this. Somehow this is related to #2. Never ever settle. Aim high. Find a way to work on your field. This country has a better opportunity on your field. Trust me. I’ve seen it. Don’t be contented. Get it. Age and having kids are not excuses.
4. Learn French – various jobs are available for bilinguals. Good pay.
5. Choose friends who have the same dream as yours. Enjoy having fun with different types of people but surround yourself with positive and motivated people.
6. Diverse your culture – never ever stay in the culture where you’re accustomed to. You are in Canada. Learn other cultures too. It’s good to start on your native culture but you won’t fully grow if you don’t expand.
7. Utilize the use of Linkedin – network with people. Approach them professionally. They might not get you a job now but sooner or later you’ll create opportunities from it.
8. Research and benchmark – research all possible information. Inquire if necessary. Try to benchmark yourself to various people similar to your credentials on different provinces. Create your own path and use their experiences as a guide too.

I am very grateful that many newcomers who trusted my story are now working on their preferred fields. Some are buying their first houses. Others have higher work positions. Some eventually got out of survival jobs. You made it better. I am happy to know that. You see sharing and helping is more fulfilling and rewarding.

I’m not sure when to blog again but I found a purpose in informing newcomers on bridging the gap between arriving as a newcomer yet finding a job in his field. Until this day, you can find me on different pre-arrival or settlement services, conferences and mentoring. Global professionals can always break barriers. Let us be one of them.

I hope that I was able to help you in some ways. Please also pay it forward. People who unselfishly help receives unlimited blessings. We are not in a race. We are not competing. We are living on our own journeys. Enjoy your journey to Canada.

This is the Gray Ninja signing off.

“Don’t aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference.” – Denzel Washington


4 thoughts on “Last Episode: signing off

  1. Thank you so much for your time and effort in doing this blog. I am also a cpa by profession who’s yet to come to Canada. The fear of not getting a job in my field has been haunting me for quite some time now but thanks to you because now I know that it’s possible even for a new comer. Surely your words helped people, I am a living proof that it did. Godbless on your Canadian life!

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