A Wife’s Story: Landing a Job in her Field after 2 months from landing


If you read my previous blog on how I find my job in 2 weeks,  I shared some of my strategies on how I landed my job.

I wrote this short blog to share the job hunting story of my wife. Honestly, searching for a “preferred job” on her side was challenging. Not only she’s a newcomer, she needed a normal working schedule. In Fredericton, most job opportunities within her field or even alternate ones were mostly evening shift, or to make it worst, rotating shifts.

As a woman like her with full focus on the family, she cannot just pick any job that was available. Yes, we are lucky to have my job so we are financially stable but my wife is also a career woman with even better credentials than me.

And so, her story goes like this…

Once we landed, she immediately engaged herself into volunteering and one survival job: a cashier in a fast food chain. Her own strategy was to keep herself busy and become productive while searching for her ideal and preferred job. And it’s still a Canadian work experience.

We have the same job hunting strategy. Although the pressure to have a high rewarding job was on me. But that didn’t slow her down. She wanted to have a field related to her credentials too. She has a financial auditor and accountant background too. Having an extensive work experience with one of the Big 4 Firms in the world.

While working in a fast food chain, she slowly adjusted initially for our first month here. She pointed out that she wanted to have the feel of every side of Canada’s environment whether literally or figuratively before deciding on what to pursue. I’m the aggressive one while she’s the slower, consistent and steady typed of person. I shared our traits so you can somehow compare what is the comparable trait to you and you can either imitate our strategies or improve it further.

On her second month, she started applying for jobs. She was open on the possibilities of having an alternative field given the job market here. She actually got a lot of job offers. However, it was against the work schedule that she wanted. And those were alternative fields only. And for us being accountants, we really have to keep an eye on the long-term effect on our careers. The good thing that happened to her was a given choice of 1-2 weeks to decide on those job offers before successfully landing an accounting job.

She downloaded all of the available job sites. The resumes were ready for submission anytime. Every less than 10 hour job posting, she was updated. She quickly submitted each time there was a job posting during her free time. It also helped that I did the other time when she’s at work. I monitored all of the job sites. Do not be scared if you think you have the credentials.

She told me that starting on any work also helped her during interviews wherein she pointed out the benefits she earned like networking, communication and time management skills, and a smooth transition into the Canadian workplace. Networking also helped her find for jobs.

Working in a night shift schedule is not our priority. There were even ZERO accounting jobs on that kind of schedule. We really wanted an accounting-related job for her too.

Until as expected and we noticed, after the tax season here, which is the month of April, accounting jobs started to be posted on job sites. When she got a good starting offer from a big company on an alternate field, to add spice in her confusion during the final selection of job to take, she finally chose the accounting job. While she got an accountant work, she still wants to work part-time in the fast food chain.

Prior to that, however, during the interviews, she was also heavily scrutinized and the focus of questions were mainly on Canadian Taxation. As usual. But due to preparation, hardwork, persistence and prayers, she was able to land the job even though she’s a newcomer.

To conclude, we believe that with proper planning and strategy, you can land a job that you prefer here in Canada. It was our challenge to beat the odds. To kill the thinking of stereo-types. Use what you “generally” hear as a guide. But it should never preclude you from doing what you believe it’s worth to try. Luck is not given. It is created. Now believe me. Two of us successfully did it. I wanted to highlight that statement because a lot of comments that I read in other forums or blogs were about general stuffs. I wanted a specific information as a newcomer. As a dreamer. As someone who wants to have a success in Canada too.

Next blog, I promise, is the How to Ace your Resume. In this way, everyone can benefit. Not just one individual or group. Now, it’s your time to do this. Good luck!


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