Volunteering: a Canadian Work Experience

Newcomers are encouraged to proactively engage in volunteering. Apart from helping to their new home or community, volunteering should also be perceived as a way to meet new friends, improve their language and technical skills and most importantly as a newcomer, to gain a Canadian work experience.

There are tons of organizations which welcome volunteers. These are the ones who are welcoming and supporting to us. Ideally, some organizations reach out to newcomers. In my personal experience, we should be the aggressive individuals who need to express our interests in doing a volunteer work.

Aside from my job hunting search, I took matters seriously with regards to finding a perfect volunteer work. Volunteering is obviously a non-paid work but is highly considered as a work experience. By also doing volunteer work, you may even land a job from doing it! Some people that I’ve met here in Canada started as a volunteer but subsequently they were hired as workers “with pay”. Since majority of the readers are yet to land, use your time wisely. Pre-arrival stage is the best period when it comes to luxury of time. Spend it wisely.

Some of you know me as the one who uses a strategy both traditionally and personally. I always force myself to think outside of the box.

Traditional Approach

You should always utilize the power of “GOOGLE” on searching everything. Before you use it, list down the things that you want to do and aiming to accomplish. By doing this, you will have more specific requirements.

In my case, I wanted to volunteer on bookkeeping. I also wanted to improve my creativity skills. I aimed to meet new people. Retention of social networking was also my priority.

With those being said, my volunteering requirements were: bookkeeping, volunteer work encouraging me to be creative and community service where I can meet people by helping them. These were the specific requirements that I needed. So the focus of the research mainly revolved around the said requirements.

I tried searching each requirement. I was surprised that there was an enormous volume of information that I found it useful.

You may also find this useful, the Volunteer Canada’s website:


Unique Approach 

We are living in a social media world. There are tons of social networking tools  which are very useful on your volunteer job hunting. I personally joined online social groups where I currently reside. It is where the local residents usually hangout online. Through the various postings on shared links, pictures or even a simple personal posts, I discovered new things which later helped me.

I’m a “jogging” person or simply call it as a runner. During my exercises, I directed my routes where I can find the offices of non-profit organizations.

We go back to the specific requirements that I had on volunteering: bookkeeping, voluntary work related to creativity and meeting new people.

I had a chance to be exposed in a volunteer bookkeeper job when I read a post from a “volunteers social forum”. They were actually looking for one. Once I read a post from a woman, who happens to be the director of a non-profit organization, I immediately sent her my “formal” intention to volunteer. It was not a personal message but rather the formal way to express my interest to be a volunteer bookkeeper. Luckily, I got a positive response from that.

As to the creativity skill goal, I directly went to a local museum. I personally visited the office and applied there as “encoder-slash-inventory assistant-slash-museum guide-slash-promoter”. It actually encouraged me to be better in all aspects. It’s fun to do things that you never did before. I thank this museum for being so nice and welcoming.


In meeting new people by helping them, I eventually chose to be active in our local church. It helped me become more connected to people but also enriched my spiritual well being.

Some Success  True Stories (personally met this cool people)

  • A teacher in the Philippines, she volunteered as an education assistant for 3 months. Eventually she was hired.
  • A nurse in Dubai, he volunteered as a personal support worker but subsequently got hired and currently working towards his nursing license.

With all these being said, you might notice that I did not include many resourceful links. It is because I want you to start having a volunteer mentality. Be proactive and creative. Do your own homework. It pays to improve your positive and hardworking attitudes by walking on your own track. Good luck and God bless you!


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  1. Practical discussion , I was enlightened by the analysis , Does someone know if my assistant could possibly grab a blank Canada Form P example to work with ?


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